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Transform the way the world travels. Be the change. Join the world's fastest growing travel start-up. Along the way, we're creating a collaborative environment that supports our people in doing great work together. And this is how we do it.

Lively, Organic Workspaces

No cubes and no cube-dwellers

Go Places. Literally!

Take 3 months off. We'll welcome you back

Life-Work Balance

Flexible hours. Strictly no-overworking


An unfettered, dynamic career to nurture your ambition

Work with Voyagers while you are exploring.

If you like to travel and are looking to make some extra bucks, you can be a Voyager Trip Travel Expert! This is a freelance role which involves helping other explorers by answering their travel-related questions.

And the best part is – you don't have to be in office to be an expert. You can work remotely from anywhere in the world, during hours that are convenient for you.

Share your CV and a short cover letter saying why you should be chosen as a Voyager Trip Travel Expert at:

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Full Time Openings

Location: Chandigarh


Full Stack Developer

Familiarity with each layer of software development.

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Digital Marketing

Plan, Execute, and Optimize online marketing campaigns across all digital channels.

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Sales Interns

Students with excellent communication skills

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