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Best Places To Visit In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a place full of greenery, systematic and still have a coating of modernity in it. Chandigarh is not only modern but also one of the youngest cities in India. Some key factors such as high urban planning, very low crime rate and climate conditions make this city an enticing tourist attraction, for the foreigners and the locals. 

Besides,  the Chandigarh’s close proximity to Himachal Pradesh offers lots of other delightful distractions as well. The myriad choice in terms of places in Chandigarh to visit overwhelms many a visitor. The different Places to visit in Chandigarh ensures a lifetime of happy memories.

Chandigarh boasts of its amazing architecture and landscape that is undoubtedly a treat to eyes. The plethora of gardens and picnic spots, along with the clean and cool surroundings the city of Chandigarh is a must visit for every tourist.

1. Rose Garden : The Places to visit in Chandigarh To Enjoy The Rich Floral

2. Leisure Valley : A Chain Of Gardens To Explore For

3. Butterfly Park : Land Of Radiant and Vivid Feelers

4. Iskcon Temple : Feel the Heaven

5. Rock Garden : Enjoy the Chance of First Aesthetically Pleasing Open Theater

6. Chattbir Zoo : One of Best Places to visit In Chandigarh To Explore Wildlife

7. Mohali Cricket Stadium

8. Terraced Garden : Favorable Picnic Spot Of Chandigarh

9. Nepli Reserve Forests : One of Best Places to visit In Chandigarh For Trekkers

10. Le Corbusier : The Man Who Planned Chandigarh

11. Cactus Garden : Explore Different Distinct And Vivid Cacti

12. International Dolls Museum : Hot-Spot For Young Ones